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Everyone is feeling the warm touch of the seasons heating up and we are often keen to get ready for the beach.

But there are often those stubborn extra kilos that just won’t budge and there is an overwhelming amount of information out there for new fad diets and exercise routines.

But there is a simple and common factor that is often overlooked – the quality of sleep.

Daily maintenance of a balanced diet and exercise is important for achieving a healthy body and works even more effectively when combined with enough sleep. This seems like a pretty easy way to get that extra mile out of your run or to make those last sit ups count.

But sleep isn’t easy for everyone and it deserves as much attention as those health choices we make in our waking hours.

Our Native Relaxation tea brings you an experience of Indigenous Australian ‘dreaming tea’. It is a combination of nine ingredients, including five native bush plants, that have been selected for their properties to help achieve a more quality and consistent sleep, so you can wake up feeling revitalised.

The amount of sleep that you get each night effects more than just looking fresh and feeling alert. It determines the function of fat cells and is crucial to determining how your body stores fat.

It also impacts on how we eat during the day with a lack of sleep causing more cravings for snack food, particularly sweet snacks.

A healthy way to fight through cravings or to keep up your hydration is to add Super Detox Tea into your daily routine as a hot treat or iced as a refreshing daily drink.

The blend of Super Detox contains Native Lemon Myrtle that has a high content of citral, aiding in weight loss and detoxing. It also balances micro-flora in the gut and helps to stimulate digestion and reduce bloating.


Align all of your efforts day and night with healthy choices and remember not to skimp on sleep – it could be that secret ingredient you need – and achieve healthy body goals for improved wellbeing.




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