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Wattleseed (roasted & milled)

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Wattle Seed is a rare aromatic spice boasting complex flavours reminding us of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut.

  • Native Wattleseeds are a unique bush food traditionally used by Indigenous communities across the dry inland regions of Australia. The seeds were traditionally used to make damper by Indigenous Australians, due to its high protein content. With characteristics like coffee, chocolate and hazelnut, you can incorporate Wattleseeds into cream sauce, granola, ice cream, bread, dough and even desserts. Try it today to start adding a nutty Australian twist to common dishes.

    1. Traditionally used to make a type of flour and then baked into a damper
    2. Add to cream sauces
    3. Sprinkle over muesli
    4. Flavour ice cream
    5. Flavour breads and biscuits
  • Australian Wattleseeds contain Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, while also being a great source of protein, fibre and having a low Glycemic index.



  • Check back regularly for exciting recipes ideas coming soon!

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