Our Story


At Roogenic, we are a health-conscious bunch that passionately believe in the medicinal health properties of Native Australian plants.

From the start, we have partnered with Indigenous communities and small farmers that share our vision of growing the bush food industry so the people of Australia and the world, can utilise their incredible health benefits.

We launched our small family business in 2015, serving ice teas brewed with native Australian plants at the Fremantle Markets in Western Australia. From there we started to get a mountain of reviews from ecstatic customers that were experiencing improved gut health, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, more energy and other benefits. It was at that moment; we realized the significant nutritional density and complex health properties Australian plants have to offer.

Now, we are a leading Australian health and wellness company proudly making functional products that marry the traditional medicinal use of Australian plants with scientific research to help improve the livelihood of people looking for natural health solutions.

Although we are not an Indigenous owned company, we will continue to passionately work with our Indigenous growers to create a responsible industry that continues to include Indigenous Australians in the value chain. To see how we are achieving this, please read out Indigenous Support Policy below.

Finally, thank you for being a part of our journey, because of customers like you, we can support our Indigenous growers and small farmers while shining a light on the medicinal properties of Australian plants.