We champion recycling. At Roogenic, we’re proud to be leading the bush food industry with sustainable packaging options.

Concerns over the threat to our marine life and the natural environment in Australia due to single-use plastic products are well-founded, but the good news is there are sustainable solutions available.

In January 2021, we managed to reduce the plastic in our postage boxes by 90% by using recyclable paper and biodegradable tape to protect your products.

As of July 2021, we have moved all of our tea blends to 100% biodegradable packaging. The new packaging is more compact to reduce our footprint. The outside of the box is made from 100% plant-based virgin fibre and is food contact safe, while the internal liners and teabags are also made from plant-based materials including corn starch, tapioca root, and sugarcane.

The product — from end to end —  is 100% biodegradable.


In terms of our supply chain, we will continue to source our products from sustainable options, prioritising Indigenous growers and wild harvesters that look to preserve and care for the land while they harvest.

GOALS FOR 2021/2022:

We know we cannot stop there and must continue to do more, so these are the goals we are setting out to achieve by January 2022 — 

Offer 100% biodegradable spice packaging.
Make our postage boxes 100% plastic-free.
Create a carbon offset option at checkout.
Introduce formal recycling procedures at Roogenic HQ.
Reduce our energy consumption by 15%.
Increase our wild harvest farming participation by 5%.

We truly believe small changes can make a big difference.