Indigenous Support Policy


Many of our native ingredients are wildly harvested and we are proud of it, as the term refers to Indigenous Australians using their knowledge and wisdom to source high-quality rare ingredients.

These Indigenous growers do so responsibly, grooming the trees and taking care of the precious native plants our country has to offer, in a perfectly natural way. They take what they need to sell, always making sure the natural balance of the ecosystem is not affected.

Our goal is to protect these remote communities and their livelihood so that they can thrive and continue to take care of the land.

Some remote Indigenous communities depend on wild harvesting to survive financially, it is the only income option they have due to their geographical isolation and it also the means in which they share their culture and knowledge to future generations.

We’ll continue to do our part in the development of wild harvesting and work with the growing number of institutions that share similar goals, so far, we are extremely proud to have purchased tones of native plants from Indigenous communities. 

  Kakadu Plum Wattleseed

Our commitment to community can not stop here. With our Indigenous Liaison Officer, Danielle Cameron we created the ‘Roogenic 2021-2022 Social Action Plan’ that guides the social actions of Roogenic with short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. A full copy of the report can be found here.


- Part profits from all products sold were donated to community.
- We have purchased 250 Blackbirds Culture mental health training manuals for community members.
- We have collaborated with three emerging Indigenous artists, offering above industry royalty rates.
- We have donated $7500+ worth of product to non for profits and Indigenous communities.
- We have started working with the Marrithiel group to source Migorayi (Kakadu Plum).

Kid with Kakadu Plum WAALI Event Awards


- Donate part profits from all Roogenic products sold to community (ongoing).
- Partner with an additional two Indigenous growers.
- Donate an additional $10,000 of product to Indigenous communities & charities.
- Continue to grow and support the financial model of bush food plants.
- Volunteer Roogenic staff and sponsor drinks at Indigenous fundraisers and events.


Danielle Cameron

“Kaya, my name is Danielle Cameron, a Yuibera women from the Yuwi country, Birragubba nation and Cameron Clan (Scotland).

I have been working in the mental health and community sector for more than 15 years offering specialized training as an Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Trainer, with expertise in Mental Health, AOD and facilitating community therapeutic groups.

I moved to Boolaroo (Perth) six years ago and connected with Roogenic not long after. From the start, it was clear to me that Roogenic shared my passion for building community capacity and wellbeing.

After working together on many community events, I joined Roogenic in an official role in March 2020 as an Indigenous Liaison Officer, guiding cultural policies, sponsorships and community relationships.

Truly, it’s one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Each staff member has such love and respect for what they do and is all about making a difference.

I’m also extremely proud and excited to see the Native food scene continue to grow and evolve and be at the forefront of that change.”


Roogenic operates on the land of the Whadjuk Noongar Nation and Bundjalung Nation. We acknowledge the immense history and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

We are guided by our close relationships with traditional owners on country, and pay our respects to aboriginal Elder’s past, present, and emerging.


This report was created in collaboration with our Indigenous Liaison Officer Danielle Cameron.