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Cinnamon Myrtle


Native Australian Cinnamon Myrtle has a subtle cinnamon flavour and aroma.

Net weight 15g


Product Description

Basic Brewing Instructions

  • Add 1 large teaspoon to 500ml of boiling water, allow to brew for 10-15 minutes.
  • Drink tea hot or set aside to chill.
  • The tea leaves can be re-brewed up to 3 times.

Australian Bush plants are amazing in the kitchen!
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Ingredients: Cinnamon Myrtle

The distinct Cinnamon Myrtle can be found in rainforests of sub-tropical Australia.

This Australian power-spice delivers a leafy, subtly cinnamon flavour and aroma that is ideal to add a special delicately sweet touch to any drink or recipe.

Wonderful as a tea, it can also be used in curries, stews, rice dishes and in biscuits, cakes and slices.

Hearty and enriching, cinnamon myrtle is a truly unique herbal tea to add to your collection.

Cinnamon Myrtle is a Australian native plant which has traditionally been used to:

  • Support healthy digestion

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