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Native Basil

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Native Basil is a culinary delight, bringing a fascinating Australian twist to traditional uses of basil.

Native Basil has a heavenly fragrance adding a strong sweet-savoury outback twist to any dish. The mix of flavours reminds us of basil, mint and sage to add an interesting complexity of flavours to your palate.

Scientific name: Ocimum tenuiflorum

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  • Australian Native Basil is a unique herb adding strong-sweet savoury characteristics that can transform regular dishes. Used by Indigenous communities from drier regions in Northern Australia, Native Basil displays a strong spearmint fragrance, while having unique flavours that can resemble characteristics of basil, mint, sage, aniseed and even cinnamon. Try it today in pasta sauces, casseroles, soups, broths, marinades, and meat seasonings, this herb can make a great substitute for regular basil to offer an Australian twist on common dishes.

    1. Pasta sauces
    2. Casseroles
    3. Soups and broths
    4. Marinades and meat seasonings
    5. Salads
  • Australian Native Basil has a rich concentration of vitamins A and C, zinc, iron, calcium and chlorophyll which is known to be helpful for red cell production.

  • Check back regularly for exciting recipes ideas coming soon!

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