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 You probably already know that here at Roogenic we are passionate about the Australian Bush Food movement and the traditional wisdom of Indigenous Australians, but we got to share a glimpse of this with some lucky Roogenic customers that won a place on an exciting Bush Food Tour.

 Lead by Aboriginal foodie Marissa Verma of Bindi Bindi Dreaming we were swept along on an immersive journey as she shared her extensive knowledge of native bush foods and medicines found in our very own backyard.

The tour took place in WA’s Piney Lakes Reserve where the Whadjuk Noongar people are the traditional owners. The reserve is a significant site for Aboriginal women, who performed ceremonies, discussed women's business and took young boys through their level one initiation.

Their knowledge of plants, to be used for food and medicine, was shared with their children and sustained by following the Aboriginal Six Seasons. Following these seasonal changes enabled the conservation and protection of natural resources and ensured sustainability of the environment for future generations.

The Bush Food Tour included teachings of the Noongar Six Season Cycle which is not dependent on calendar dates, but rather the changing conditions. The seasons are extremely important to Noongar people as it is a guide to what nature is doing at every stage of the year.

It brings an understanding of respect for the land, in relation to plant and animal fertility cycles, and land and animal preservation. The six seasons also have relevance to the Modern world of planning and business.

Marissa also explained the movements of some Indigenous communities located in Western Australia and how they would move from one area to the next with the changing seasons.

During the tour everyone was invited to be painted with ochre which is an important part of ceremony and tradition.

The tour finished with a Bush Food morning tea with delicious cakes and damper supplied by Marissa Verma, and of course, some Roogenic Iced Tea to keep everyone refreshed and energetic.

And a big thank you to the wonderful Marissa! You are an incredible Indigenous ambassador and teacher and we feel so privileged to get to work with you!

You can like Marissa's FB page here:

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