Collection: Tea Tins

What Is A Tea Tin? 

Our Roogenic Tea Tins are designed to keep your tea leaves fresh and vibrant, while protecting the quality of our medicinal tea blends. They are the perfect way to organise your tea blends, are incredibly functional and super stylish, making them the ideal accessory for your kitchen. 

All of the Roogenic Tea Tins feature an air-tight lid to maintain freshness and protect the potency of the medicinal native blends. They are designed to be spill-free, have a secure lid that’s embossed with the Roogenic logo and a motivational quote from our ambassador, Elder Bruno of the Nyul Nyul community. 

What Is The Best Tea Tin?

Roogenic Tea Tins feature stunning designs by Indigenous Artist Kevin Bynder, and draw information from our collection of medicinal tea blends.

The Native Sleep Tea Tin has a gorgeous lilac hue surrounding a fabulous image of a Koala looking out at the Australian sunset, inspired by the best sleep tea, Native Sleep Tea.

The Native Relaxation Tea Tin was inspired by our award-winning sleep tea, Native Relaxation Tea. The tea storage box has a stunning deep purple design, featuring a koala looking up at the starry night sky.

If you prefer a green tea box organiser, The Native Anti Inflammation Tea Tin might just be the tea-mate for you. Inspired by our best selling tea for inflammation, Anti Inflammation Tea, this tea bag storage showcases a stunning image of a waterfall during summer surrounded by a gorgeous pastel-lime green colour.

Decorate your kitchen bench with the Roogenic Native Detox Tea Tin which boasts a sky blue tea canister featuring the beautiful artwork of an Australian beach and the aquatic life that thrives during summer, inspired by the best detox tea, Native Detox Tea, formerly known as Super Detox Tea. 

For those who prefer tea organizers with a minimalistic, but stunning design, we’ve developed two tea tins inspired by our Women’s Wellness Range blends and Wellness Range blends. Boasting a stunning display of native Australian flowers and delicate dot-work. The Women’s Wellness Tea Tin is a stunning accessory for your kitchen and a functional tea organiser. Use it to store the best selling PMS tea, Women’s Balance Tea, our stunning energy-enhancing blend, Women’s Vitality Tea, The best tea for pregnancy, Pregnancy Tea, or with the best tea for breastfeeding, Nursing Tea.

We’ve designed the Wellness Tea Tin as a functional tea storage box with a stunning minimalistic and earthy pattern. Designed to hold our Wellness Range of medicinal tea blends, fill it with our delicious immune-boosting tea blend Immunity Tea, the best tea for metabolism, Metabolism Tea, our stunningly aromatic, energy-boosting blend Revive Tea or the Roogenic Awaken Tea, a gorgeous chai flavoured tonic designed to help you achieve your best.

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