Collection: Bundles

Celebrate the natural healing properties of native Australian plants with our collection of bundles, designed with our naturopaths to specifically target a range of health concerns naturally. 

Bundles For Sleep 

Our bodies require sleep and rest to function properly, not getting enough or experiencing low quality sleep can have a detrimental impact on both your physical and mental health. Reclaim your night with our collection of Sleep Bundles, tailed to improve mood, fight insomnia, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve overall well being. 

Bundles For Immunity

Immunity is fundamental in fighting against disease and reducing the chances of getting sick. Protect your health with our Immunity Bundles, designed with natural immune boosting remedies and blends that contain vitamins that are proven to naturally strengthen the immune system. 

Bundles For Women

Designed to celebrate and empower women through health during every stage of life, our Women’s Bundles have been designed with naturopaths to help naturally reduce PMS symptoms, nourish the body during pregnancy, and naturally increase lactation during nursing. Maintain your feminine glow and feel like a goddess everyday with our collection of bundles that are tailored towards women. 

Bundles For Gut Health

Gut health is a complex area of concern that almost everybody experiences issues with at some point in time. Our collection of Gut Health Bundles are designed to target a range of different issues to naturally improve and support a healthy gut. 

Bundles For Inflammation

Inflammation can be uncomfortable, painful and impact your day to day life. Our collection of Inflammation Bundles are designed to naturally alleviate joint pain, back pain, headaches, and gut disturbances with the potent healing properties of native and non-native ingredients.

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