Collection: Infusers

What is a Tea Infuser? 

Tea infusers are tools that allow you to easily brew a cup of your favourite Roogenic Loose Leaf Tea with no mess and little fuss. 

What is the best tea infuser? 

Our Double Walled Glass Tea Infuser Bottle is perfect for those who want to sip their loose leaf tea blends on the go, whether you want to enjoy your tea hot or cold. It’s the perfect tea accessory if you’re looking for a portable tea infuser bottle and is environmentally friendly, with a bamboo lid. To use, simply scoop one teaspoon of Roogenic Loose Leaf Tea of your choice and add boiling water. 

To brew your favourite loose leaf tea blend in a mug, cup or bottle, try using our stylish Tea Mesh Infuser with Charm  made from high quality stainless steel, the fine mesh infuser filters the leaves, reducing residue in your mug as your tea steeps in water and when you’re done, simply remove and discard the used leaves, rinsing the infuser clean, ready for your next relaxing moment. 


Our Tea Mesh Infuser with Charm is the stylish and effortless way to brew and re-brew your favourite loose-leaf Roogenic teas, at home or on the go. The stainless-steel infuser is complete with a versatile bamboo lid that doubles as an infuser holder.

The Mesh Infuser is the perfect size to brew our brilliant blends in cups, mugs, teapots and jugs.

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