Collection: All Bushfoods

Experience the bold, unique flavours of Australia and the naturopath proven medicinal properties of Native Australian Bushfoods. Sourced naturally and sustainably, our collection of Australian Native Bushfoods is the perfect way to experiment with Native Australian Herbs. Australian Bushfoods have been used for generations for their potent healing properties and as a source of food for Indigenous communities.

What are Australian Native Bushfoods? 

Australian Native Bushfoods are recognised worldwide for their bold, unique flavours and powerful medicinal properties. Celebrate the flavours and healing properties of bushfoods with our collection of bushfoods and native herbs and spices. Incorporate them into your everyday wellness to experience the natural healing powers of Australian plants and discover exciting new flavours. 

With Australia being home to some of the most nutritionally dense native plants and native fruits in the world, it’s no wonder why many Australian bushfoods are being recognised internationally for their medicinal properties and as superfoods.

The Best Native Australian Plants and Bushfoods

What is Lemon Myrtle?

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is a native Australian plant with a robust lemony flavour that has traditionally been used for its antimicrobial and natural antibiotic properties. Modernly, the native herb has been found to be a great, natural vegan source of calcium. 

How to Use Lemon Myrtle:

Due to its high citral content, Lemon Myrtle makes for the perfect native ingredient to infuse into high-quality Australian honey or Australian olive oil as well as add to cream-based dishes, sorbets or grilled meats.

What is Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu Plum (Gubinge or Terminalia ferdinandiana) is a native Australian fruit that has gained worldwide recognition for containing the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any plant in the world, proving to be an excellent immune-supporting fruit to strengthen or boost the immune system. Kakadu Plum has also been found to be an antioxidant-rich Australian superfood, boasting a higher Lutein content than avocados to naturally improve eyesight or strengthen eye health. It has a tart flavour, similar to pears or stewed apples. 

Roogenic Kakadu Plum powder is freeze-dried at peak freshness to preserve the natural Vitamin C contents of this seasonal native Australian fruit.

How to Use Kakadu Plum:

The freeze-dried Kakadu Plum powder can be sprinkled over cereal, smoothies or desserts. Simply add a quarter of a teaspoon to your desired drink or dish.

What is Jilungin?

Jilungin (Pomaderris apetala) is a native Australian leaf with an earthy flavour with subtle herbal notes that has been traditionally been wild-harvested by the Nyul Nyul community in the Kimberleys as a natural remedy for sleep or to naturally reduce stress and anxiety. 

How to Use Jilungin:

The leaves can be used to create a concentrated and potent herbal sleep tea or sleep tonic by boiling the leaves. Try it in our sleep range of sleep teas and sleep powders today: Native Sleep Tea, Native Relaxation Tea, Menopause Night, Celestial Sleep Tea, Deep Sleep Powder and Cosmic Cocoa.

What is Gumbi Gumbi?

Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporum angustifolium) is a native Australian shrub or small tree found in various regions across the continent. It holds cultural significance for Indigenous Australians, who have long utilized its leaves, bark, and roots for medicinal purposes. Traditional uses include treating a range of ailments such as coughs, colds, skin conditions, and digestive issues. Gumbi Gumbi is also believed to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In recent years, it has gained attention for its potential health benefits and is being explored for its pharmacological properties.

How to Use Gumbi Gumbi:

One of the most traditional methods is to make a tea from Gumbi Gumbi leaves. Simply steep a handful of dried leaves in hot water for several minutes, then strain and drink. You can experiment with incorporating Gumbi Gumbi leaves into your cooking for added flavour and potential health benefits.

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