Collection: Beauty

What Tea Is Best For Beauty? 

Beauty is in the eye of the brewholder, specifically the person brewing an antioxidant-rich tea. Our collection of beauty teas are designed to hydrate the skin, protect against premature ageing, leave your skin glowing, and improve overall wellness. 

Sleep your way to better beauty with our antioxidant-rich bedtime brew Native Sleep Tea (formerly known as Native Dreamtime Tea), Australia’s best sleep tea. Crafted with Aniseed Myrtle, Strawberry Gum Leaf and Lemon Myrtle to support the body’s natural antioxidant activities to prevent oxidative damage, and in turn prevent premature ageing.

If you prefer a tea that you can enjoy without the guarantee that you’ll fall into a deep sleep after drinking, Native Strawberry Tea is the perfect solution. A family-friendly favourite that children absolutely adore, this fruity tea has a bold berry flavour with ingredients including Strawberry Gum Leaf, Freeze Dried Strawberries & Hibiscus. These ingredients contain vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin look healthy and young. 

Tailored towards women, our two blends Women’s Vitality Tea and Women’s Balance Tea are designed to support you throughout your cycle. While Women’s Vitality Tea harmonises your body and maintains your feminine glow with Davidson Plum and Lemon Myrtle to keep your skin healthy, Women’s Balance Tea is designed to support you during your monthly period with Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf and Goji Berries, to keep your skin young and glowing.
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