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Explore our range of award-winning, medicinal tea blends that celebrate the potent healing properties of native Australian plants and non-native ingredients. Designed with naturopaths, each blend provides natural remedies to a variety of health concerns, while also tasting delicious. 

Teas For Sleep

The best sleep tea in Australia is crafted from five native Australian plants, traditionally used to naturally calm an overactive mind, improve quality of sleep, and improve overall well being. Our Native Sleep Tea (formerly known as Native Dreamtime Tea) has a bold berry flavour that your family is guaranteed to love, whilst our Native Relaxation Tea has a calming, herbal taste. 

Teas For Gut Health and Detoxification

Native Detox Tea (formerly known as Super Detox Tea) is designed to support gut health and elevate gut balance. If you're concerned about inflammation, try our best-selling Anti-Inflammation Tea, designed with Pepperberries, Lemon Myrtle, Native Lemongrass and other ingredients that can naturally ease the symptoms of an inflamed gut. Our Native Strawberry Tea is a blend that’s adored by the entire family for it’s bold, berry flavour. The blend has ingredients that contain potent antioxidants. Enjoy a mug of our new Metabolism Tea, a gut-friendly tonic designed to boost your metabolism naturally. Lastly, our female-focused blend Women’s Balance Tea is for those who experience changes in their gut health during monthly cycles. 

Teas For Inflammation

With the potent healing properties of native and non-native ingredients, our collection of anti-inflammation teas are designed to alleviate symptoms of inflammation such as pain and discomfort, naturally.  Anti-Inflammation Tea is our best tea for inflammation, it’s a soothing blend designed to naturally reduce inflammation and pain. For chronic headaches and migraines, we recommend our Native Relief Tea, which contains native plants including Native Lemongrass, proven by researchers to be just as effective as aspirin. Our Native Detox Tea (formerly known as Super Detox Tea) embraces the medicinal properties of Lemon Myrtle, Ginger, Hibiscus and Mint which can reduce inflammation and gently support gut health. 

Tea For Stress & Mood

Unwind after a long day with one of our stress and mood blends, naturopath designed to naturally reduce stress, improve sleep and elevate mood. This collection includes our mango-flavoured Native Happiness Tea designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, our two best-selling sleep teas, Native Sleep Tea and Native Relaxation Tea that improve mood by elevating sleep quality and naturally reducing stress. Our Women’s Vitality Tea and Women’s Balance Tea are designed with ingredients that can reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS, naturally. 

Teas For Immunity 

Boost and strengthen your immune system naturally with our two immunity-enhancing blends, designed with native and non-native ingredients that hold immune-boosting properties. Our Immunity Tea (formerly known as Immuni-tea) combines the natural immune-boosting properties of Rosella, Orange Peel and Quandongs, all of which are rich in vitamins that strengthen the immune system. If you prefer an earthy flavoured blend, try our Native Detox Tea, crafted with Hibiscus, Ginger, Beetroot & Mint for a natural and delicious way to boost immunity. 

Teas For Energy

Our energy-enhancing blends will help you fight the midday slump, wake up feeling refreshed, and help you naturally maintain your energy throughout the day. Native Sleep Tea and Native Relaxation Tea improve energy levels by targeting your quality of sleep, providing a night-time solution to slumps in energy. For a delicious daytime friendly blend containing caffeine, try our chai flavoured morning tonic, Awaken Chai Tea or our stimulating and delicious green tea, Revive Tea. For a family-friendly tonic, our Native Happiness Tea is the perfect mango-flavoured solution to naturally increase energy levels during the day, whereas for a lemon-flavoured blend with subtle sweet-sour notes, we recommend trying our best-selling Native Detox Tea. For a natural solution for depleted energy levels during your monthly cycle, we designed our Women’s Balance Tea with ingredients to improve mood, increase energy and ease stress. 

Teas For Beauty

Our collection of antioxidant-rich beauty teas is designed to hydrate the skin, protect against premature ageing, leave your skin glowing, and improve overall wellness. Australia’s best sleep tea, Native Sleep Tea, is designed to support the body’s natural antioxidant activities to prevent oxidative damage and premature ageing. Our fruity, family-friendly blend Native Strawberry Tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that keep your skin looking healthy and young. Women’s Vitality Tea and Women’s Balance Tea help you to maintain your feminine glow and keep skin radiant throughout your monthly cycle. 

Teas For Pregnancy & Nursing

Designed to support new mothers and mums-to-be, our two pregnancy and nursing blends are rich in vitamins and minerals to provide comfort during the journey into motherhood. Our Pregnancy Tea is a comforting, naturopath designed, caffeine-free pregnancy tonic to keep yourself and your baby nourished & happily hydrated with wholesome ingredients including Quandongs, Nettle Leaf and Aniseed Myrtle, while our Nursing Tea is a nourishing blend for new mothers designed to promote a healthy increase in milk production. 

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