For people & planet

We work hand in hand with Indigenous growers.

As a non-Indigenous owned company, we see choosing Indigenous growers over commercial farms, wherever possible, as critical to honour Indigenous culture and ensure the continued inclusion of Indigenous growers in the bushfood supply chain.

Our mission is to encourage wild-harvest farming practises to help support Indigenous land care initiatives and employment and the sharing of traditional culture between generations.

Wild harvesting refers to Indigenous Australians using their knowledge and wisdom to source high-quality ingredients. Not only is wild harvesting a way to share their culture and knowledge with future generations but some communities depend on it for financial security as it can be a vital source of income due to geographic isolation.

At Roogenic, we donate part profits to community.

As more people turn to native ingredients to support their wellbeing, the amount we are able to purchase from Indigenous growers increases, too. In the last financial year, Roogenic donated 5% of net profit after tax to Indigenous growers and community partners.

Our hand in hand approach extends across all our partnerships with Indigenous growers, artists and communities.

We champion sustainability. 

At Roogenic, we’re proud to be leading the bushfood industry with sustainable packaging options.

We share concerns over the threat to Australia’s natural landscapes and waterways. So, we are committed to choosing sustainable solutions. In January 2021, we managed to reduce the plastic in our postage boxes by over 90% by using recyclable paper and biodegradable tape to protect our products.

As of July 2021, we have moved all of our tea blends to 90% biodegradable packaging.

In March 2022, we updated our bushfood range to 100% biodegradable packaging. Our new packaging options are more compact, reduce our footprint and are made from plant-based virgin fibre and food contact safe materials.