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What Is The Best Tea To Improve Mood? 

Eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising isn’t enough to keep your body and mind happily balanced, even your best efforts won’t protect you from an occasionally moody or stressful day. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit down and relax with a mood tea for stress.  

The best caffeine-free herbal teas for anxiety and stress are designed with a range of native Australian plants with natural sedative properties to soothe an overactive mind and help you to relax and unwind. Native Happiness Tea is the perfect family-friendly tea for calmness, relaxation and focus, with a punchy mango flavour. The blend also contains passionflower and ginseng which has been linked to improving anxiety.

Our two sleep teas to help you stress less, promote calm, and improve sleep are
Native Relaxation Tea and Native Sleep Tea (formerly known as Native Dreamtime Tea). They both contain 5 Australian native plants which are traditionally used to drastically improve sleep, ease a racing mind or improve overall wellbeing. They’re our best-selling blends and have helped hundreds of thousands of Australians get a better night's rest.

What Is The Best Tea To Improve Mood During Monthly Cycles? 

Stress and mood changes are a symptom of PMS that many females experience during their monthly cycle. We have designed our Women’s Vitality Tea and Women’s Balance Tea to help. Women's Vitality Tea contains adaptogens that have been proven to help improve mood and decrease stress. Women's Balance Tea contains plants that contain iron to help with fatigue & cramps. 

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