A True-Blue Aussie Christmas with Roogenic

A True-Blue Aussie Christmas with Roogenic

A classic Australian Christmas is a big leap from cliché snowy chimneys and hot cocoa. Down Under we celebrate our holidays with bright blue skies, the warm touch (or sometimes searing burn) of the sun’s rays, singlet tans, backyard barbies, cricket and running through the sprinkler.

At Roogenic we know those hot days in the sun can call for refreshment and our range of native teas can be served chilled for your family with your own personal flare of fresh fruits!

And there is a way to take a fresh twist on our already special summer! Even the best BBQ, roast, or prawn salad can spice up a little with some truly special Australian bushfoods.

A dash of Native Lemon Myrtle will add that wow-factor to prawns, chicken, and salads, or some Native Pepperberries to bring some unique heat to meats and rubs. You can even add a dash of our teas that have a range of native plants and can be used to spice up simple home cooking.

Our bushfoods will impress and our teas not only taste great but are great for you, served hot or chilled, and with a range of benefits they make the perfect gift with something to suit everyone.


We have a great selection of CHRISTMAS RECIPES to spice up your holiday season in true Australian style. 

From Wattleseed Pavlova to Lemon Myrtle Honey Glazed Ham, we have all the Christmas classics with an Aussie twist that will really impress!!

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