Christmas Gifts For Tea Lovers

Christmas Gifts For Tea Lovers

Have you started window shopping for gifts and listening to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas? Join the club! Most of us go into full holiday mode by November, with some enthusiasts getting into the Christmas spirit as soon as Halloween is over! 

And since the jingle bells have started ringing, it’s a great time to get a head start and choose the perfect presents for your loved ones. 

Here are our top 5 best Christmas Gifts any tea-lover will adore (yes, even the Grinches in your life)! 

1. Night and Day Bundle

Do you know someone who’s been having trouble relaxing and enjoying a good night’s sleep? Most of us are hip-deep in our daily problems - so much so that when we finally get into bed, our minds are racing like there’s no tomorrow.  

Nothing says “I care” like a thoughtful Christmas gift and that’s exactly what the Night and Day bundle is for those troubled by stress and insomnia. It contains our two sleep tonics - Native Relaxation and Native Dreamtime, our Complete Sleep Guide and a lovely reusable infuser. 

The two calming teas contain Native Plants that have been traditionally used to calm an overactive mind, promote rest or improve overall wellbeing. Among these, Jilungin has been used for decades by the Nyul Nyul community to induce a deep, restorative sleep. 

Buy our Night and Day Bundle


2. Women's Wellness Bundle 

Whether you’re searching for a gift for your BFF, partner, mum or that lovely co-worker you get along with so well, this gift box is the perfect way to pamper the special ladies in your life! 

It includes our two best-selling teas - Women's Balance  and Women's Vitality.

The plants used in Women's Balance have been reported to promote healthy digestion, immune system and overall wellbeing, while our Women's Vitality blend has been naturopathically accredited to help with menstrual cramps, elevate energy levels during that time of the month and hydrate. 

You can’t go wrong with this! 

Buy our Women's Wellness Bundle

3. Sleep Bundle

Gift shopping for men can be quite a hassle even for the most experienced Christmas shoppers, especially if you want to offer them something a bit more interesting than a bottle of liquor or a new tie!

Our Sleep Bundle was designed to delight the health-conscious, troubled sleepers in your life. It contains our bush tea superstars, the Native Sleep and Native Relaxation, which have received hundreds of reviews each from happy customers! 

The Native Sleep and Native Relaxation blend has been Naturopathically accredited to help with sleep. 

To make it even better, we’ve also included our Complete Sleep Guide, a value-packed brochure that includes the benefits of the five Native Australian Bush Plants Native Relaxation is designed with, a complete brewing guide and much more!

Buy our Sleep Bundle


4. Gut Health Bundle

Aussie Christmas (and Aussie lifestyle in general) is all about finding joy in each moment and spending quality time with family, mates and pets! That’s what we had in mind when we put together our Gut Health Bundle, a combination of our favourite tea blends to make you more comfortable this Christmas. 

It includes our wonderfully floral Native Detox and our two popular blends, Native Anti-Inflammi-tea and Native Strawberry, which boast a delicious natural sweetness and also contain precious bush plants used to boost happiness, ease stress, reduce anxiety or increase focus.

Buy our Gut Health Bundle


5. Inner Health Bundle

This gift box will really WOW your health-conscious friends! It contains three teas that will help them reclaim the best version of themselves: Native Detox, Immunity and Metabolism 

Native Detox is one of our most popular blends and has been Naturopathically accredited to help with detoxification, digestion & immune function. Because we all need a good detox after Christmas, don’t we?

Roogenic Immunity Tea is a citrus-flavoured blend that has been Naturopathically accredited to help with immune function, keeping you healthy and happy throughout the winter months.

Last but not least, Metabolism is a gut-friendly tonic designed with 3 Native Plants, and other ingredients that have been Naturopathically accredited to help with metabolism and weight management.

Buy our Inner Health Bundle 

There’s nothing better than seeing a loved one’s face light up with joy when opening a present.  And you can be sure that’s exactly what will happen if you offer them one of our amazing gift boxes packed with Roogenic goodies! 

With Christmas gifts sorted, you can finally focus on decorating your home and planning out the perfect Christmas day.

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