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At Roogenic we love nothing more than a warm cup of Roogenic Super Detox Tea to help boost the immune system or an iced tea made with one of our famous recipes. However, have you ever tried cooking with the tea blend? Because the Roogenic Super Detox is made up of Lemon Myrtle and other incredible plants, it makes an incredible spice blend in the kitchen!


Infuse Dairy!

The Roogenic Super Detox can add LOTS of flavour to all dairy products! Making a custard on the stove? Panna cotta? Ice Cream? Or essentially anything? Simply add a scoop of Roogenic Super Detox and let it infuse while the dairy products heat up. It will add a gorgeous Earthy flavour, nutrition and transform the colour of your dish to a gorgeous pink colour.

Swap Stock for Tea

We have ALL been there, where we no longer have any stock in the fridge! Now you don’t have to stress, simply use the Roogenic Super Detox Tea (brewed) in replacement of stock. It will act similarly to a vegetable stock, you will just have to add salt and sit back and enjoy the gorgeous colour and flavour it will add to your dishes.


This one is my favourite and its so easy to utilize the Roogenic Super Detox Tea in this form. Simply ground the tea blend down into a spice (easy to do in a blender, mortar and pestle or whatever you have) and then sprinkle the blend over any savoury dishes as a replacement for generic dried spices. It will perfectly compliment fish, eggs, meats, salads, yoghurt dressings, roast vegetables and a lot more!


This one is for everyone with a sweet tooth and could change the way you look at deserts! The Roogenic Super Detox Tea can be added to cheesecakes, biscuits or essentially anything and will transform the colour of your desserts to a gorgeous pink! Prepare to be amazed by how stunning your desserts will become.

Poaching Liquids!

Do you love poaching pears? Or even chicken? Using the Roogenic Super Detox Tea in the poaching liquid will add a gorgeous flavour and colour to the ingredients you choose to poach. Try it today as a healthy alternative to other desserts and savoury dishes.

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See below to learn more about the Roogenic Super Detox Tea, its health benefits and reviews.


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