Eco-Friendly Christmas Guide

Eco-Friendly Christmas Guide

Every Christmas, Australia produces 30% more waste than at any other time of year. Christmas presents are wrapped in over 50,000 trees worth of wrapping paper and an astonishing 125,000 tonnes of plastic-packaging waste is produced each festive season.

Being in the Christmas spirit does not have to mean being wasteful. A greener Christmas is possible if we each make choices that not only spread the festive cheer but do good for the planet, too. 

Here are 3 ways you can make more eco-friendly choices this year:

1. Choose eco-friendly materials for decorations and gift wrapping

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas Day or wrapping up Christmas presents for loved ones, choosing eco-friendly materials can reduce waste and add a beautiful, personal touch. As a rule of thumb, avoid the use of the plastic wherever possible and choose natural materials think recycled paper, hessian string, natural textiles, wood or even local botanicals to spread the Christmas cheer. 

Making the switch from single-use materials to long-lasting, reusable ones can even mean taking a look at what you already have. Search your home for any scraps of material or unique paper or string that can be repurposed into beautiful Christmas decorations and gift wrapping materials. And if you’re out shopping for decorations, make sure that from the packaging to the product itself, the item includes as little plastic as possible.  

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts

Conscious gifting has become a buzzword over recent years, but it is an essential part of ensuring a more eco-friendly Christmas across Australia. When it comes to gifting, think natural, sustainable and Australian-made. Considering the materials used to make the product and the origin of the product can help you make more eco-friendly choices with ease. When you choose Australian-made, you’re not only choosing to support local businesses, but you’re also naturally putting your dollars toward lower greenhouse emissions. 

3. Plan Ahead

It turns out that being eco-friendly might help you become more prepared for every celebration, too! When it comes to a more sustainable approach, the ultimate goal is to extend the life cycle of all materials and products that are used. Plan ahead by designating a box or a drawer where you’ll stow reusable ribbons, paper, string and any other decorations. It’s never too late to start a good habit so start this Christmas and continue to add to it throughout the year. By next Christmas, you will have built an eclectic collection of decorations and gift wrapping materials to reduce your waste even further.


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