Full Body Detox: Our Top 5 Tips to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

Full Body Detox: Our Top 5 Tips to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

Detox is one of those topics we could spend all day talking about, especially when we see how dangerous some fads can be.

In an ideal world, kicking those toxins out of your body wouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle can put a lot of pressure on our bodies (think of all the chemicals, sugars, oils and pesticides we ingest every single day!). While it’s not possible to safely “flush out” toxins through extreme measures, you can give your body a helping hand by making healthy choices whenever you can.

Read on to discover our top 5 tips to cleanse your body and your mind the safe, natural way.

1. Break up with sugar

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but… if you really want to help your body detoxify, the best way to do it is to reduce sugar intake (or eliminate it completely, if that’s an achievable goal for you).

By ditching the sugar and replacing it with wholesome and satisfying alternatives, your energy will remain stable, your brain will be less foggy, your skin will be healthier and you’ll be sleeping more deeply.

2. Dry skin brushing

This is one of our favourite tips for a full body detox.

Your lymphatic system is the garbage disposal unit of your body – it collects toxins and waste from your cells and takes them to be removed. So it’s a great idea to make sure the lymphatic system is working as efficiently as possible to get rid of that toxic waste.

A brilliant way to do this is by dry skin brushing every day before your shower. Grab a skin or body brush and do short, firm strokes in the direction of your heart starting from your feet and going up your legs, at your hands and going up your arms, down your neck and shoulders, up your stomach and back until you circle your heart.

3. Drink detox tea

We’re not talking about those aggressive blends with unpleasant laxative effects. When we say “detox tea” we mean a brew that helps your grumpy gut by restoring healthy bacteria. And this is exactly what our Super Detox Tea does.

The main ingredient, Lemon Myrtle, is a Native Australian plant rich in citral, an active compound with strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It’s an excellent plant for a natural, gentle detox your body agrees with.


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4. Eat the rainbow (in veggies)

We all know veggies are phenomenal for us, but did you know that different coloured veggies help us in different ways? Here’s how.

Your green and white vegetables, such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and kale, help boost your phase two liver detox pathways.

Your purple, blue, red, orange and yellow veg are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which feed your good gut bacteria that are also essential to help you eliminate toxins.

Not to mention each colour comes with a different set of vitamins! Munch on 5 cups of veggies per day and aim for veggies that are every colour of the rainbow to make sure you are getting an assortment of nutrients.

5. Sleep like a baby

While you’re sleeping, your body is actually working hard to reboot, so that you can start a new day as fresh as a daisy. Most of the natural detox process your body undergoes takes place at night (that’s when the liver eliminates toxins most efficiently).

So it comes without saying that sleeping well can only help your body detox. Too bad it’s easier said than done!

For most of us, good, restful sleep is a distant memory, buried underneath a pile of worries and stress-inducing thoughts.

If you can relate to that, we recommend you give our sleep elixirs a try. Native Relaxation and Native Dreamtime are two teas made with Jilungin, a plant that has been traditionally used in the Indigenous community to induce deep, relaxing sleep. Thousands of people have tried these teas and have noticed a major difference in the quality and consistency of their sleep.

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We hope these tips help you feel lighter and become the best version of yourself without “punishing” your body with ultra-strict diets and detox hacks.
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