Hand in Hand for a Better Tomorrow: Rishelle Hume

Hand in Hand for a Better Tomorrow: Rishelle Hume

It is always wonderful to see strong women championing change for a better Australia and the awe-inspiring work of Rishelle Hume will leave you speechless.

Rishelle Hume has an impressively long list of accomplishments because her work in the community and on a national scale to create a happier and healthier country has never wavered.

She is a proud Noongar Woman with traditional ties to the Whadjuk, Ballardong and Gnaala Karla Boodja peoples and mother of 3 children. She is also the direct descendent and granddaughter of the highly respected Noongar Wadjuk Elders, Mr Patrick and Ms Lorna Hume who spent their lives tirelessly promoting Aboriginal Rights and his Noongar culture.

Following in her grandparent’s footsteps, she has successfully and inspirationally devoted her working life to the advancement of Aboriginal people and the Noongar culture.

Here at Roogenic, we are strong believers in the importance of preserving and promoting Indigenous Australian culture and we applaud the amazing work that Rishelle has done. We believe in the passing on of traditional knowledge and culture and through our work with communities and small farmers across Australia we are proud to be helping communities to do so for future generations.

Ms. Hume says that growing up around her grandparents it was always instilled in her to give back to the community and that her work has been to “keep their legacy alive and ensure all Aboriginal people had a voice.”

Rishelle Hume has added value to Aboriginal advancement in WA by demonstrating Aboriginal leadership and is seen as a professional figurehead within WA to engage the Aboriginal communities and coordinate approaches in dealing with these state Aboriginal matters.

As Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson of the Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI) she is a central force in empowering the leaders of tomorrow and inspiring and supporting Aboriginal people to take up leadership opportunities to strengthen their families and communities.

Her community involvement is far-reaching, and she was recently involved in a fundraiser event for Helping Little Hands, a non-profit organisation that supports families of premature babies when times are toughest.

Ms. Hume spent the first 3 months of her twins’ life at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and knows firsthand the challenges for families in this position.

We are big advocates for community spirit and the importance of working together for a better and brighter future and that is why we are always ready to get involved and support this incredible work.

In 2016 Rishelle Hume was awarded the Western Australian of the Year Award – Aboriginal category winner and was also recently appointed Member of the Order of Australia for her service to the Indigenous community of WA, particularly developing opportunities, promoting leadership and preserving culture.

We are so grateful for her amazing guidance in our collaborative community work as she is always inspiring us with a great vision for Australia’s future. Rishelle Hume has received wide recognition for the positive impact of her work in Australia and here at Roogenic we want to raise a cup (of tea) to this incredible woman!

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