How The Gut Works and How It Affects The Body

How The Gut Works and How It Affects The Body

How The Gut Works & How It Affects the Body

It's never been more important to have a healthy gut. It can affect everything from
your immune system, to breathing, circulation, and even mental health! How it works is really complicated however. So, to make things easy we set our naturopath the challenge of simplifying it as much as possible.

Want to know how your gut works? Here is EVERYTHING you need to understand how it works, and how it affects your body.

How does the gut work?

1. It Digests Your Food.

Once food enters your mouth, it starts the process of digestion through your saliva,
stomach acid, bile, and digestive enzymes. This breaks the food down to free the
nutrients that your body uses to function.

2. It Absorbs Nutrients into Your Body.

Your gut is your body’s nutritional gatekeeper that selects what to absorb from the
outside world. It selectively chooses to absorb nutrients from your food and rejects the toxins, old hormones, and bad things your body doesn’t want.

3. It Houses Your Gut Microbiome.

The gut microbiome is made up of bacteria and plays a fundamental role in your
overall gut health. It not only influences how your gut feels, how well it gets rid of
waste and absorbs specific nutrients, it also detoxifies your body from hormones and toxins, supports a healthy immune system, influences your mood, and encourages healthy weight maintenance (to name a few).

4. It Dumps the Toxic Waste That Your Body Doesn’t Need.

All the old hormones, waste, toxins, and other things your body doesn’t require
anymore, need a safe way out of your body. The gut plays a critical role in removing
all the toxic waste effectively, and safely.

How Does Your Gut Affect Your Body?

The gut impacts every single cell in your body as it absorbs the nutrients required to function properly. These nutrients are fundamental building blocks needed to create new blood cells, energy, and hormones, and keep your brain and heart functioning properly.

It also keeps your entire body in balance by selecting what to reabsorb to keep your health optimal and eliminate toxic waste. Your gut reabsorbs hormones, nutrients, certain molecules, and even water to keep your body balanced, organs and bones healthy, and functioning properly.

Lastly, your gut is important for strong immunity. It houses 80% of your immune
system, so it plays a big role in determining whether you’ll get sick and the level of
inflammation in your body. Your gut microbiome has just as big an impact as it
influences your neurotransmitters as well as your mood, inflammation, liver, and
healthy heart.


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