How do you mix, match and create your favourite Roogenic Teas?

At Roogenic we are so proud to hear our customers mixing, and matching Roogenic Tea blends, to maximise the benefits in their favourite cup of tea.

If you're late to the party and haven't done much experimenting, let us help you out with some of our favourite mixes. WARNING: they are all delicious!

Native Strawberry Tea & Women's Balance

The Native Strawberry Tea has a bold berry flavour and ingredients that have been recognised to be high in antioxidants, which contribute to healthy hair and skin. Women's Balance has a herbal flavour with ingredients that have been recognised to be high in iron, making it suitable for women experiencing cramps and fatigue.

Together the Teas make a fruity flavoured beverage with herbal notes (that is brilliant when chilled). It is also the perfect way to mix plants that contain iron for strength with plants that contain antioxidants for beauty.

Native Detox Tea & Native Anti-Inflammitea Tea

 If you're looking to create new healthy habits in 2020, combining our Native Detox Tea and Native Anti-Inflammitea Tea is a good place to start! Both blends have a Citrus-Earthy flavour that are wonderful when mixed together.

In terms of health benefits, the Native Detox Tea has been designed for gut health and has received reviews including "My gut problems are going away" (Jody) and "I lost so much weight" (Lynette) while our Native Anti-Inflammitea has received reviews such as "Aches and pains have improved" (Robin) and "Profound improvement in inflammation" (Vanessa).

Together they make the perfect tea combination for someone looking to get more active or healthy in 2020.

Native Detox Tea & Native Strawberry Tea

Without being controversial, we think this flavour combination could potentially be the most popular! There's no doubt that our Native Strawberry Tea is a favourite for the WHOLE family, but when combined with our Native Detox Tea, the fruity flavour also has a slight Earthiness with sour notes from the hibiscus (found in the Native Detox blend). The colour is also a beautiful deep red.

We recommend serving hot or chilled and with fresh/frozen berries as a guilt free treat. It is also important to note that this blend is caffeine-free and great for every member of the family.

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