National Recycling Week Roogenic

National Recycling Week: Our Earth Footprint

National Recycling Week serves as a reminder that every little bit counts when it comes to looking after our beautiful country and this earth. 

We care about our planet as much as you do and because of this, we are conscious of making eco-friendly choices to support the country that gives us so much.

Our environment is so important to us and our appreciation only grows stronger from our work with Indigenous communities and small farmers across Australia.

Young Indigenous Elder Robert Dann that we work within WA’s Kimberley region, speaks of the importance of passing on knowledge and caring for the land and how we must “look after country because then the country will look after you.”

Working in harmony with our environment is vital and we are proud of the choices we make to minimise our earth footprint from production and all the way through to our stores.

Our glass jars can be easily recycled… or even re-used! Stay tuned for some great ideas on how you can repurpose your empty jars.

Our in-store cups for drinks and samples are made from plants, not oil and are fully commercially compostable.

Even the spoons for in-store sampling of our honey are biodegradable to not pollute the environment, or can be composted, and are made from FSC certified Birchwood.

This is a week to reflect on all the small (or sometimes big) changes that we can all make in a conscious effort to minimise waste and protect and preserve our beautiful earth for generations to come.

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