Our Best Tea For Inflammation

Our Best Tea For Inflammation

Aches and pains, skin rashes and a constant feeling of tiredness - this is what people with chronic inflammation deal with on a regular basis. This common problem doesn’t only affect quality of life, but can also lead to other serious health issues in time, especially if left untreated.

It’s not all bad news though! There are many natural ways to prevent chronic inflammation or keep it under control.

Find out more about inflammation and which Roogenic tea our customers love to drink to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms associated with it.

What is inflammation and when is it dangerous?

Inflammation (or swelling) is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. The interesting thing about it is that it’s not even a “problem” per se, since it refers to the body’s natural response to a harmful agent (like an injury, toxins, infections etc.). While it’s unpleasant, it’s also necessary for healing.

Take for example, a moment when you’ve dealt with an injury - maybe sprained your ankle or had any kind of surgical procedure. You might have noticed redness, swelling, pain and a lack of mobility. This is a perfectly normal reaction! White cells are produced in larger numbers and sent to the affected areas to prevent infections and promote tissue repair.

The real issue is chronic inflammation, which can affect quality of life and leads to a plethora of health problems, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on. This type of inflammation takes place when the body has a prolonged (and defective) immunity response to something, even after the initial problem is gone or when there is none at all. It ends up attacking the very systems that keep the body working.

Some symptoms of chronic inflammation include:

  • fatigue
  • fever
  • mouth sores
  • rashes
  • abdominal pain
  • chest pain

What you can do about chronic inflammation

While diet alone can’t control chronic inflammation, healthy choices and some natural remedies might alleviate symptoms and prevent it from getting worse.

A healthy diet based on vegetables, fruit & healthy fats is highly recommended to people who struggle with inflammation.

There are also some plants that are said to help with this problem, such as turmeric or ginger.

In Australia, we do have a few Native Plants that have been traditionally used for their anti-inflammatory properties, such as Lemon Myrtle, Pepperberry or Native Lemongrass. Along with turmeric, these are the main ingredients in our best tea for inflammation: Native Anti-Inflammitea.

Buy Native Anti-Inflammitea

Native Lemongrass has been found by Griffiths University to act as a natural aspirin and relieve pain, while the combination of the Lemon Myrtle, Pepperberries and Black Pepper in the tea work to help the body absorb and digest the Turmeric, enhancing the anti-inflammatory properties.

We love seeing our customers reaping the benefits of this amazing combination of plants. Anti-Inflammitea has over 170 positive reviews from buyers who have experienced decreased inflammation, back pain, reduced arthritis symptoms and more.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, make sure you eat healthy and try our bush plant tea designed to ease the symptoms and improve overall wellbeing.

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