Replace Collagen Supplements With These Native Bush Foods To Get Glowing Skin

Replace Collagen Supplements With These Native Bush Foods To Get Glowing Skin

Is there ANYONE on this planet who doesn’t want glowing skin? It’s not only a sign of good health, but also a major confidence-booster for men and women alike. It comes as no surprise that the skincare industry is booming with “fountain of youth” supplements that promise a perfect complexion. Among these, collagen supplements seem to be the most popular… but are they the best option out there?

As you may know, collagen is a major component of your skin - it strengthens it and also contributes to better elasticity and hydration. So getting a lot of it through diet and skincare routine is believed to be very beneficial for you.

And since collagen supplements can get quite pricey, we wanted to reveal to you a healthy, natural alternative that can offer you better value for your money: bush foods.

Read on to find out which of Australia’s Native plants are excellent for your skin.

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu Plum is a precious supplement that not only boosts your immune system but also makes your skin look impeccable. It has the highest level of vitamin C in the world - no other fruit compares to this small, yet mighty bush food.

Do a quick Google search on skincare, and you’ll soon find a lot of literature about how important vitamin C is for healthy skin and a glowing complexion. This is thanks to:

The antioxidant effect of vitamin C, which fights off free radicals and protects your skin from damage when exposed to pollutants.

The vital role of vitamin C in collagen production (which plumps up the skin, reduces dark circles and softens fine lines)

How to use: sprinkle the Kakadu Plum powder on your cereal, on desserts (well… low-sugar desserts) OR simply add to a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Bush Foods - Roogenic Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) - Pouch

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When you say “Quandong” you probably think of delicious homemade pies and jams. But did you know this bush food is a wonderful supplement for the skin? That is… when you don’t consume it in the form of sugar-rich desserts!

Whether you nibble quandongs as a supplement or apply them topically, they’ll make your skin glow thanks to the following active nutrients:

  • Chlorogenic Acid (protects against UV radiation and hyperpigmentation)
  • Rutin (a member of the bioflavonoid family with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Vitamin C (a strong antioxidant and collagen “bestie”)
  • Vitamin E (an essential antioxidant that protects the skin against UV damage)

How to use: eat whole as a nutritional snack OR brew into a delicious tea.

Bush Foods - Roogenic Quandong - Pouch

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Native Strawberry Tea

Ok, this is not bush food per se, but it’s made with a winning combination of skin-enhancing bush plants. Native Strawberry also makes staying hydrated a true pleasure. The 100% natural strawberry flavour helps you reach and even surpass your water intake goals.

The native ingredients in this tea - Strawberry gum leaf, hibiscus and lemon myrtle - are packed with antioxidants, which have been associated with healthy skin. They’re also rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, which maintains cell turnover for young, beautiful skin. All in all, it’s like a spa treatment in a cup.

How to use: drink at least 2-3 cups of Native Strawberry per day to keep your skin hydrated (you can also increase water intake with this caffeine-free, delicious tea).

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Replace collagen supplements with these wonderful bush foods and your skin will thank you for nourishing your body with all the right nutrients and helping it stay healthy and hydrated every single day.

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