Roogenic 14 Day Detox Challenge

Roogenic 14 Day Detox Challenge

If you are anything like us, you might have indulged a little too much while isolating at home, but we all want to look and feel good in 2020!

There is an easy way to start preparing though with our new 14-day Detox challenge that will help you cleanse and nourish your body. To receive the challenge, simply purchase a Native Detox Tea box and you will receive an easy to follow checklist with your order to help you succeed. Make sure you have also subscribed to our online newsletter to receive helpful tips and exercises to help you complete your goals.

Ready to get started? Well flick that kettle on and start brewing!

14 Day Super Detox Challenge

How does the challenge work?

The Roogenic 14 Day Native Detox Challenge has been designed with healthy recipes, daily goals, and helpful tips to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. By creating a daily checklist, we are hoping we can inspire more people to be accountable to their water intake, daily physical exercise, and consumption of healthy foods.

Tried & Tested

Roogenic Native Australian Teas have inspired 1000’s of people to live healthier. Across our website you will see reviews from customers that have experienced healthy weight loss, reduced inflammation, transformative sleeping patterns, reduced bloating and much more.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For medical advice please seek the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner before using our products.

Native Detox Tea

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