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Gifts are about the act of giving, of sharing something meaningful, something useful and that is perfectly tailored to that special someone.

When it comes to what is under the wrapping paper you want to offer more than just a glimmer of joy with a gift to boost and brighten every day.

Our Roogenic range is the whole package and we have the perfect gift to suit everyone. With a premium selection of native teas, we have everything form citrusy and spiced to sweet and fruity and they all have special health benefits!

And if tea isn’t their thing we also have a unique range of bushfoods to spice up their time in the kitchen and a unique Lemon Myrtle Honey that is so good they’ll be eating it right out of the jar!!

Not only do our products taste great but they offer a unique taste of Australian bushfoods to boost health and vitality for brighter days.

It’s a gift that everyone will love and for that special someone it will put you right to the top of their list with a thoughtful gift… plus they might even share a cuppa or some new kitchen creations with you … and that sounds like a win/win to us!


We’d go leaps and bounds for you and that’s why we have a huge range of ready to go gift boxes all designed specifically so there is something for everyone!

Check out our full PRODUCTS RANGE and find all your perfect gifts that will really impress!

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