When we were invited to be a part of fabulous exhibition opening for "Ngaala Kwobidak Yorgas Koort Waangkiny Kaartijin, Moort, Boodjar" (Our Beautiful Women Heart Talking, Knowledge, Family & Country) at SHAC, we were both honoured to be a part of the event and excited to see some of the incredible artwork that would be displayed by some of Western Australia’s finest artists. 

… and WOW, the evening did live up to our high expectations. With captivating artistry from Marcelle Riley, Gerri Hayden and Seantelle Walsh, the gallery showcased incredible Indigenous artwork created by female leaders within the Western Australian Indigenous art community in recognition of NAIDOC week’s theme in 2018, ‘Because of Her We Can’. 

Curated by Marcelle Riley, a finalist in the 2017 National Self Portrait Prize, and with live music from Indigenous performer, Lilly Gogos, there was a real sense of community and tradition throughout the night. 

We were lucky enough to provide the event with our signature hot teas to make sure that elders, artists and guests all had a warm cuppa of Native Australian tea to sip on while they looked at some of the incredible artwork. 

To make sure you are aware of the next gallery launch at Shac Fremantle WA, please request to join the SHAC Facebook group here:

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