Support Your Immunity with Roogenic's Winter Wellness Guide

Support Your Immunity with Roogenic's Winter Wellness Guide

Although tending to your wellness and holistic health during winter can be difficult for some, it’s not impossible. The winter months don’t have to be spent with a runny nose, difficult digestion, lack of energy or dry skin.

It’s the perfect time to look within and reset our focus on our wellbeing, ensuring we are providing our bodies with extra nourishment and care. For optimal wellness, there are key areas where we can apply practical lifestyle shifts to elevate our health this time of year:

To help you support and improve your health during winter, we’ve created the Roogenic Winter Wellness Guide with our naturopaths, which you will receive for free with any purchase from our Wellness Range including our Metabolism Tea, Immunity Tea, Revive Tea, Awaken Tea, Focus Tea, and Collagen Tea.

Let’s have a look and see how it can help!

Roogenic Winter Wellness Guide
If you’ve defaulted to feeling unwell, heavy, and sick during the season of sniffles, it might be time to reset your wellness. 

Our Winter Wellness Guide explains the medicinal properties of the native Australian plants and other herbal ingredients in our Wellness Range, and how they can help to reset your wellness and stay holistically healthy this winter. 

It also contains naturopath tips and tricks, delicious recipes, brewing guides, and an analysis of Roogenic bushfoods and how they can support your immunity this winter. 

Naturopath Tips & Insights
On your journey to improving your health holistically over winter, you’ll learn what body cues to listen to and become much more aligned with your physical and mental needs. Our naturopaths are here to support you while you reset your wellness this winter. 

In our Winter Wellness guide, you’ll find naturopath tips on how to boost immunity and improve energy levels during the day, alongside in-depth information on how bushfoods promote mental clarity, skin health and appearance, and provide the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to hydrate your body and keep healthy during winter.


Recipes for Reset & Brewing Guides
There is a direct connection between how we nourish our bodies and our energy levels. 

In this guide, you will find delicious, healing recipes that include Roogenic Immunity Boosting Shots, and a nourishing Lemon Myrtle Bone Broth. We’ve also included a brewing guide for long-infusions and cold brews.


Get Your Free Guide
Receive your free guide when you purchase any of our Wellness Range blends from our online store, including our Metabolism Tea, Immunity Tea, Revive Tea, Awaken Tea, Focus Tea, and Collagen Tea.

Our Winter Wellness Guide will help you to reset and restore your health holistically, and give you a better understanding of the changes your body and its functions go through during the colder months.

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