Tea For Inflammation: Let's Reduce Inflammation With A Cup Of Tea

Tea For Inflammation: Let's Reduce Inflammation With A Cup Of Tea

As common as inflammation is, it can make your life distinctively hard. It’s almost impossible to go about your day when you’re in pain, even if it’s just mild discomfort. Yet in some cases, people have to live with aches every day. And it’s torture. Not being able to enjoy simple activities like walking our dog in the park or playing with your little ones at their pace is one of the most frustrating feelings you can live with.

Inflammation has many causes and takes many forms. It could be something temporary like a headache, a strained muscle or a wound. Or it could be something that lasts for months or years, like chronic inflammation.

While treatment varies in each case and a doctor is the only one who can decide on the best course of action, there are some natural remedies that have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and alleviate aches and pains. So why not also try the “medication” generously offered by nature?

At Roogenic, we have two teas that can help you restore the best (pain-free) version of yourself. Find out more about them below.

Native Anti-Inflammitea

This naturopathically accredited tea had hundreds of reviews from happy customers who have experienced decreased inflammation & back pain, reduced arthritis symptoms and more.

It’s unlike any pain-relief tea you’ve tried, thanks to the unique combination of ingredients: 3 native plants, turmeric, black pepper & mint. All of these have a soothing effect when consumed separately, but the real magic lies in their combined effect.

Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but once you add black pepper to it, the active ingredient, curcumin, is absorbed more efficiently (by up to 2000%!).

The three bush plants we use (lemon myrtle, native lemongrass and wild pepperberries) also enhance the power of turmeric. Native lemongrass is such an efficient pain-killer, that i’s been studied at Griffith University and confirmed as a natural aspirin.

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Native Relief

At our store in Fremantle markets, we often get customers asking us for our headache tea. And we instantly know what they’re referring to: Native Relief.

This is a soothing blend made with lemon myrtle and native lemongrass, which have been traditionally used to help support muscle recovery, headaches, inflammation, pain relief and overall wellbeing.

Since we’ve already covered the amazing potency of native lemongrass, let’s have a look at lemon myrtle, another natural wonder you can only find in Australia. This flavoursome bush plant contains citral, a compound that has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is not news for Indigenous communities though: they’ve been using lemon myrtle for millennia to reduce pain and inflammation.

This beautiful blend also contains rose petals, which are high in vitamins A and E and can help with healing connective tissue.


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Try these two unique teas if you want to help your body fight off inflammation the natural way. It might not be an instant solution, but it’s a healthy option for long-term use and can change your life for the better if you give these one-of-a-kind bush plants a chance.

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