The Native Vitamin C Superfood to Get You Through Winter

The Native Vitamin C Superfood to Get You Through Winter

With Winter already in full force it is easy to feel under the weather and be prone to the whims of cold and flu season.

If you know this feeling, then you are probably also familiar with hearing a tirade of advice from everyone around you who all claim to have the solution.

But instead of trying to gulp down synthetic supplements, eat a hundred oranges, or have enough garlic to ward off everyone in your workplace, here’s something easier to swallow.

A unique superfood that is grown right here in our Australian outback may be the answer to your winter blues.

The Gubinge, otherwise known as Kakadu Plum, has the highest recorded Vitamin C content of any plant in the world!

This super fruit has been a staple bushfood for Indigenous people but it’s health benefits are fast becoming known in the health industry.

With extremely high Vitamin C content and rich in antioxidants it can aid in boosting the immune system to help defend from cold and flu, as well as bonus benefits such as iron absorption, collagen formation and function of healthy skin and bones, plus fighting free radicals for cell protection.

It’s easy to see why this humble plum grown in Western Australia’s Kimberley region is fast growing in popularity.

Kimberley Wild Gubinge director Jacinta Monck told ABC News, “We're getting through a lot more fruit processing than we did, double the amount in previous years.”

Here at Roogenic, we take huge pride in sustainably sourcing our organic superfoods from across Australia, ensuring we support small farmers and nurture Indigenous communities.

We specialise in making healthy teas and cooking spices, and Roogenic director Oren Barak is passionate about sharing the traditional uses of these plants from Indigenous people that have been utilising them for thousands of years.

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the power of the plants that grow in our outback and provide a taste of Australia’s unique food culture.”

And if you’re wondering how to reap the rewards of this superfood, the Gubinge is available as a powder making it easy to sprinkle on your breakfast, slip into a smoothie, or just mix into a glass of water.

There are many easy ways to work it into your daily routine for a natural health boost while supporting Australia’s native food industry.


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