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We are extremely honoured and proud to announce that we have won three Golden Leaf Tea Awards.

The accredited competition took place in Melbourne, Victoria. At which International and National tea experts were selected to judge and score the teas from all across Australia with the intention to distinguish the highest quality teas commercially available in the Australian marketplace.

After receiving the results, we can’t believe the news… WE HAVE WON THREE AWARDS INCLUDING TWO GOLD MEDALS!

Our Native Relaxation Tea placed FIRST in the Functional Herbal Tea category. Yes, you heard right… FIRST!!!!


The unique Native Relaxation Tea blend, (designed with 5 Native Australian ingredients traditionally used to produce a better night’s rest or improve overall wellbeing) was entered into the Functional Herbal Tea category and deemed the best amongst all entries. With 1000’s of reviews online and 10,000’s of people across the world now drinking the tea to help with a better night’s rest… we must admit we weren’t entirely surprised.

Our newly released Tea Bag packaging also placed FIRST and received a gold medal! The packaging features dot painting, famous Australian landscapes and Australian animals. We are proud to have had renowned Indigenous Artist Kevin Bynder collaborate with our Digital Artist Christopher Peterson to execute the artwork.

Last but not least, our Native Strawberry Tea placed third and received the bronze medal for the fruit infusion tea category. With the popular brew loved by all members of the family and even used as a healthy alternative to soft drinks, we were thrilled to know it is enjoyed by tea experts too.


Overall, we couldn’t have asked for better results at the Golden Leaf Tea Awards. We know Native Australian Bush Plants have incredible flavours and health benefits and to have it recognised by International judges is a huge step forward for the bush food and farming industry in Australia.

We would also like to take a moment to acknowledge you, our Roogenic family. Without your constant support, we wouldn’t be able to work with so many communities and small farmers across Australia. This reward belongs to you as much as us.



The results

Winning Teas


 Category: Herbal Functional Blend

 Native Relaxation Tea



Category: Herbal Fruit infusion

 Native Strawberry Tea



 Category: best tea packaging

 The whole range!

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