Why Australian Christmas Is So Special

Why Australian Christmas Is So Special

Snow angels, fireplaces, chestnuts over an open fire and a roasted family dinner are the traditions of a typical Christmas. In Australia, we do it a little bit differently. We celebrate at the beach, light up the BBQ and share a drink with our fellow loved ones.

Christmas is a special time for Australians where we get to catch up with our families, reconnect with friends, and give presents. 

Here Are Five Reasons Why Australian Christmas is the Best! 

1. Christmas Comes Early.

Once October comes, the cities start preparing their glistening Christmas lights, our favourite department stores start selling their Christmas gifts and put up their decorations, and the local grocery store starts selling fruit pies and Christmas cake in anticipation for the holiday season. Heck, you can even find Roogenic Gift Boxes in Myer stores this year from October!

2. The Weather

An icy cold Christmas might be nice in theory, but having to shovel snow off the driveway and wear 10 layers of clothing can get a little exhausting. Ask any Australian and we’d happily trade that in for a bright blue sky, warm weather and a traditional family BBQ

Australian Summer Christmas

3. It's a Sandy Affair 

There’s no better way to cool off than to slip on some thongs, slap on some sunscreen and walk down to the local beach. An Australian summer means spending the day on our stunning, massive coastline with grilled prawns on the BBQ, Santas surfing the waves and maybe even a cheeky Roogenic iced tea popsicle. 

4. Festive Lunch

While the rest of the world celebrates around a family roast dinner, in Australia we do it a little bit differently. You will find the usual culprits around the lunch table, cold meats, cheeses, and maybe even a roast, but the special addition of prawns, grilled vegetables and meats really set it apart.

For Christmas lunch ideas, check out our range of holiday recipes to impress the family with a Native Strawberry Pavlova, Wattleseed Eggnog, Roast Christmas Chicken with Australian Spices, Macadamia and Lemon Myrtle Biscotti and Frozen Native Strawberry Daiquiris. Click here to view our Christmas recipes.

Australian Pavlova

5. Boxing Day 

In Australia, the day after Christmas is a public holiday that’s reserved for three things: recovering from a food coma, shopping and cricket. Boxing Day sales are an iconic part of the festive holiday season. Stores will sell their products and Christmas gift sets at half price and Aussies love a good deal. It wouldn’t be Boxing Day without the Cricket Test Match where friends and family will spend the day in the living room with a cold beer and chips. 


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