Our Commitment

Roogenic’s Social Mission

At Roogenic, we’re a health-conscious bunch with a passion for bush tucker & the great outback.

We dream of a future where native food is part of every Aussie’s lifestyle. And we’re committed to playing our part in creating this future.

Our outback ingredients are grown and wildly harvested in Australia. And we’re proud of it.

But we wouldn’t be able to bring you these ingredients without the Indigenous communities and small Aussie farmers we work with. They are at the very core of our business and mission.

Our native ingredients come straight from the Australian outback and are…

The Highest Quality
The highest quality
Organically Grown
Organically grown
Wildly Harvested
Wildly harvested
Roogenic’s Indigenous Support Policy

One of our main goals is to make a difference in Indigenous communities across Australia. We do this by working with more Indigenous suppliers each year, thus increasing employment in their communities. This empowers them and drives social & economic growth.

Through our Indigenous Support Policy, we play our part in making sure these treasured communities have an essential role in the native food industry.

How we work with Indigenous Communities

Native plants are a gift from the land. They are the most sustainable food we can eat here in Australia. But if we want to use them, we need to preserve them.

For thousands of years, Indigenous communities have been single-handedly protecting this land’s biodiversity.

Enjoying native food today is only possible thanks to the traditional owners of the land and the knowledge they’ve passed down for generations.

Roogenic is not an Indigenous-owned business. But over the years, we’ve built a unique relationship with Indigenous communities, farmers and elders across Australia. A relationship founded on trust and respect.

It is important for us to work with traditional owners of the land and give back as much as possible. We’ve been able to do so in many ways so far and we’re always working on new community projects.

How we give back to Indigenous communities

At Roogenic, we’ve been working closely with Elder Bruno and the Nyul Nyul community to source the best outback ingredients for our products. It’s important to us that we keep offering them our continued support, beyond the picking season (which runs only for 6 weeks each year). That’s why...

Part profits go to the Nyul Nyul Community

We’re always looking for other ways to get involved in community projects. Over the years, we’ve contributed to a number of programs aimed at empowering Indigenous communities, such as:

  • Djinda Ngardak Program
  • Blackbirds Charity
  • Sorry Day Events
  • Biggest Morning Tea events
  • NAIDOC week events
  • WAALI events
  • Reach Teach Group
  • Dance For A Cure
  • Kuilia Indigenous Kindergarten
  • Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea Events
  • Sorry Day 1
  • Sorry Day 3
  • Leaders

We’ve also made direct co-contributions to a range of non-for-profits and Indigenous Communities - such as Teresa Miller’s Moorditj Koort - and have sponsored Indigenous Mental Health Training.

part profits back to the community
Part profits back to the community
indigenous programs contributions
Indigenous programs contributions
new community projects
New community projects
Our next steps
  • Sponsor volunteer days for Roogenic employees and actively participate in days of significance to Indigenous Australians.
  • Include Indigenous Country recognition in postal addresses for every Roogenic order.
  • Consolidate product ambassadorships where Indigenous leaders can sell their artwork/products across the Roogenic website and get full profits.
  • Host or sponsor fundraisers for Indigenous charities or events.
  • Actively participate in grass-root causes in isolated Indigenous communities. Eg. books or laptops for kids that cannot access these.
  • Commission online lessons Roogenic followers can access, including but not limited to bush food talks, bush medicine classes, cultural talks, and storytelling.
How our relationship with Indigenous communities impacts them

By helping Indigenous enterprises prosper, we’re also helping their communities thrive and live better lives.

Investing in these communities has many ramifications. It creates more jobs. It contributes to a better quality of life. It allows children to gain access to better education. It allows elders to preserve and pass down knowledge to younger generations.

We want to help build strong and independent communities that feel empowered to use their land and their unique culture to grow socially and economically.

more jobs
More jobs
access to better education
Access to better education
better quality of life
Better quality of life
How we relay traditional knowledge

At Roogenic, we’re deeply grateful for the traditional knowledge Indigenous communities have shared with us. We wouldn’t be here without it.

We do our best to relay everything that’s shared accurately and clearly. As such, we make sure that the communities, elders and growers oversee all our materials around traditional knowledge.

Acknowledgment of country