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“Because of Her, We Can” High Tea Perth 2018

Here at Roogenic, we are a proudly Australian business and love to support communities around the country. This week we had the honour of supporting the “Because of Her, We Can” event presented by the Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute.

This high tea women’s luncheon was a free event held in Perth WA, recognising and celebrating the achievements and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the community.

Our contributions toward the raffle helped in raising funds for WAALI’s great work within the community as a non-profit organisation that supports Aboriginal people to take up leadership opportunities and strengthen their communities.

“It’s more of an opportunity to celebrate the women … who are the real solid backbones of their communities,” said singer, Christine Anu.

In this beautiful country we remain strong with support and unity and that is why we were so proud to be able to share in this event that honours these women and their strength and legacy.

One of these brilliant women is Gail Allison, who was a guest speaker on the day. Follow the link below to learn more about this amazing woman who was named WA’s Aboriginal Person of the Year.

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