Australian Superfoods for New and Expecting Mums

Australian Superfoods for New and Expecting Mums

When you’re pregnant or nursing, you’ll likely find yourself on a daily Google for “safe foods” for you and your growing baby. And let’s face it it’d save you a lot of energy if those safe foods also helped keep your digestion balanced, skin nourished, and energy levels high!

At Roogenic, we’re always on the search for powerhouse native ingredients that can support your health and wellbeing naturally through every stage of life. So, we’ve rounded up the best Australian native superfoods to help you maintain your maternal glow.


The Quandong, a deliciously sweet and tart fruit, is a sustainable source of micronutrients known to nourish expecting or nursing mothers. The fruit is a powerful source of essential micronutrients for mums as their bodies adjust to growing, healing and nourishing their new babies. 

  • Rich in magnesium and zinc to support immunity, healing and metabolism (see study)
  • Fortifies the body with iron to combat fatigue (see study)
  • Higher antioxidant content to that of a blueberries “outstanding antioxidant capacity” (see study)
  • Nourishing to the skin with high Vitamin E content (higher than in an avocado!) (see study)

You’ll find Quandong in our new Pregnancy and Nursing Tea, naturopathically accredited to support expecting and nursing mothers.

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Lemon Myrtle is a powerful citrus herb that offers an exceptionally sweet, lemony flavour. Traditionally used as a topical treatment, Aboriginal Australians would grind the fresh leaves into a paste and apply topically to wounds.

  • Superior antioxidant and lutein content to defend the body against free radicals and support a healthy baby (see study).
  • Vegan source of calcium (see study)
  • Aids digestion with it’s antimicrobial properties.

You’ll find Lemon Myrtle in our new Women's Wellness Range, naturopathically accredited to support women in all stages of life.

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Traditionally used by Indigenous Australians as bush medicine to ease an upset stomach, this unique bush plant also plays an incredible role in enhancing a rich berry flavour

  • Packed with antioxidants (research) (see study)
  • Helps to balance the micro flora of the gut (see study)
  • Anti-fungal and antibiotic properties (see study)

Flavour profile: passion fruit + strawberry

You’ll find Strawberry Gum in our new Nursing Tea, naturopathically accredited to support nursing mothers.

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