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Anna Bruno and Jordan Bruno are a Mother and Son duo from sunny West Australia who appeared on the popular cooking TV Show, My Kitchen Rules. The team consistently served up traditional Maltese and Italian cuisine throughout the series, winning numerous challenged, making it to the semi-finals and placing third. Now their food has taken a turn as Jordan has discovered Native Australian bush ingredients.

Roogenic were lucky enough to collaborate with the fan loved duo and get their insights on why they love Native Australian ingredients so much:

“For me, I utterly love how unique and robust the flavours are. I’ve grown up in Australia and I’m so proud of everything this country is about including it’s Native ingredients. I have had so much fun playing with these ingredients in the kitchen and the flavours have been utterly amazing. I think once the world sees what we have to offer, then a lot of these plants will travel across the world” – Jordan Bruno

For a list of recipes designed by Anna and Jordan click below:

Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake
Lemon Myrtle Honey Roasted Chicken
Pepperberry Hummus
Salt Bush Arancini
Wattleseed Pasta
Lemon Myrtle Crispy Prawns

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