Living in a culture of go-go-go can leave us depleted and even burnt out physically, mentally, and spiritually. Over time, this might translate to poor gut health, unhappy skin, high stress or unrestful sleep.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we just had a “reset button” to save us whenever we’re stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle rut?

Well, that’s exactly why we created our Spring Reset Challenge.

We’ve been working for months with our naturopaths to create a health reset blueprint anyone can benefit from, no matter what their lifestyle looks like. Divided into 4 categories (gut, skin, mind, and sleep), the Spring Reset Challenge is a unique opportunity to nourish your body and mind, and enjoy that buzzing feeling of pure wellness through spring and beyond! 

This challenge is all about you – you choose your health focus, you choose your matching healing tonics and you set the timeline. Whether you practice the challenge over a week, month or all season long, we can guarantee your body and mind will thank you for it. 

Ready for a Spring Reset?

Our Body Reset Checklist

This Spring, resetting your body doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 6 easy and enjoyable activities you can include in your routine - choose only 3 to do daily as an act of loving self-care:

Gentle movement (yoga or stretching): A regular practice of slow movement is very grounding. It improves your strength, flexibility, and balance, and it can also help calm your mind.

Walking for 20 minutes or more: This activity has a long list of health benefits, such as improved heart health, better stamina, improved digestion, and increased energy. Not to mention it’s also great for the soul!

Dry Brushing: It helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. It’s also very soothing and helps your body enter a state of total relaxation.

Screen-free Hour: Since our eyes are constantly glued to one screen or another, taking a break from it can be beneficial for your eyes, and also for your mood.

Plant-based Meal: Nourishing your body with nature’s best ingredients is a simple way of showing yourself some love. Taking a break from meat is a mini-detox you can try anytime!

Need inspiration for plant-based eating? Our naturopath, Sari, has created three new nourishing recipes for Spring. Try her Rainbow Tofu Salad, Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad, or her Spring Clean Salad.

Sleep for 8 Hours: Giving our bodies enough time to rest each night can have a positive impact on the lungs, kidneys, metabolism and weight control.

These activities can also be found on our Spring Reset Challenge Magnet, which you can get for free with any purchase of Roogenic teas or a purchase of a naturopath curated Spring Reset bundle, for a limited time only!

Our Mind Reset Checklist This Spring

Most of us struggle with an overactive mind - what the Buddhists call the monkey mind. And while there’s no way to completely quiet the mental chatter, there are proven techniques that help reduce the noise and improve focus

Here are 6 easy and enjoyable mind-soothing activities you can include in your routine - choose only 3 to do daily as an act of loving self-care:

Breathwork: Intentionally changing the rhythm of your breath can signal relaxation, slowing your heart rate and stimulating the vagus nerve. A quick Google search will reveal many breathwork exercises you can try right away. For calming the mind, we especially recommend 4-7-8 breathing and box breathing.


5-minute meditation: A daily practice of meditation can produce a deep state of calm and a tranquil mind, triggering the body's relaxation response. Yes, even a few minutes can have that effect, because it’s more about the intention you set than the time you spend meditating! PS: as part of our Spring Reset Challenge, you get access to an exclusive meditation playlist with your order! Check your email inbox after your order for your exclusive access.

Reading: Like any activity during which the brain is fully focused on a single task, reading is proven to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Perfect for winding down before bed!


Journaling: One way journaling can calm the mind is by helping you process anxious feelings and worries. Even if it’s just a few lines every day, try to include this practice into your daily routine to release pent-up feelings.

Practice gratitude: 
This is one of the easiest ways to cultivate a peaceful mind, as it helps regulate negative emotions and also releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for making you feel good.


Mindful tea ritual: Cultivating mindfulness while drinking tea is an ideal way to lean into the power of pause by turning it into moments of meditation. This not only makes the tea itself more enjoyable, but it also promotes a general state of calm and wellbeing. Learn more about how to incorporate tea into your routine here.

These activities can also be found on our Spring Reset Challenge Magnet, which you can get for free with any purchase of Roogenic teas or a purchase of a naturopath curated Spring Reset bundle, for a limited time only!

Interested in learning more about resetting your wellness this spring? We sat down with Sari to discuss the intricate relationship between hydration, gut health, energy levels, and sleep quality. We also found out some of her go-to Roogenic teasand her favourite easy, healthy recipes for spring. Visit our conversation here.

Ready to join us? With any purchase of a Roogenic wellness tea or a naturopath curated Spring Reset Bundle, you will receive a free Spring Reset Challenge Magnet with your order. 

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