Our Secret to a Brighter Day

Our Secret to a Brighter Day

Are you familiar with the feeling of staring at the computer screen and you feel like you’ve hit a mental brick wall? The words won’t come, and your fingers just hover hopelessly over the keyboard? Sometimes known as “writer’s block” this same feeling can take effect during a work day or when you’re trying to dig deep into some study.

But if you’re feeling that mid-year slump and like work is weighing down on you, we’ll let you in on a little secret that might just be your answer to a brighter day.

Our Native Happiness Tea is a blend of native Australian bush foods and other ingredients that have been recognised for their ability to boost happiness, ease stress, reduce anxiety, and increase focus.

It’s amazing how some days we’re able to tick a million things off our to-do list in one day and another, with the same number of hours, we struggle to push through.

This often simply comes down to our mental state and ingredients in our Native Happiness Tea have been traditionally used to focus the mind, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and stimulate mental alertness and memory retention.

Perfect for your workplace, or to push through some study, this tea is bound to get you through a tough day and can be enjoyed hot or cold throughout the day as a healthy water.

With fruity mango blended with the taste of Australia’s native superfoods, this tea can be easily brewed and a delight to drink – a simple addition to brighten up your day.



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