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We are huge supporters of Reach1 Teach1, a non-profit project with a mission to “equip, motivate and inspire today's youth and transform them into powerful leaders for the future.”

 This project is run by Ryan Trooth Samuels who works with Australian communities and schools, using music and hip-hop as a medium to provide youth with tools to build resilience and self-esteem.

 In support of Reach1 Teach1, we are now sponsoring this work by providing native Australian tea for the project to gift to the community. We also look at how we can expand our support and provide what is needed – most recently was this sports equipment pictured below.

According to Ryan, the Hip Hop programs help youth to free themselves of their ingrained patterns of thinking and develop personal awareness, confidence, empathy and respect.

Through the art of expression and creative writing, youth are guided through their own personal journey to build self-esteem and confidence.

Roogenic admires the way that Reach1 Teach1 is promoting healthy life skills for managing mental health to children of our future.

The goal is to interrupt destructive thought patterns for them to experience themselves and others in a new way and to generate original and positive ideas.

An important part of looking after ourselves and our community is to balance mental health which is the core of our well-being.

A happy and healthy Australia is something we strive for and supporting our youth is a fantastic place to start so we are excited to become a part of this journey.

To find out more about Reach1 Teach1 check out their Facebook page:

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