Roogenic's DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Tea Lovers

Roogenic's DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Tea Lovers

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? 

There’s nothing more charming than offering loved ones a thoughtful DIY gift - it certainly beats coupons, vouchers or other rather impersonal presents people get when they have no idea what to offer.

We’ve got a few delightful suggestions for this year’s DIY Easter baskets that your dear ones will swoon over! All you need to do is arrange these goodies in a lovely basket.

Australian Honey With Kakadu Plum and Lemon Myrtle

A jar of delicious honey is the kind of gift anyone will love, especially if the honey is a unique blend like this one, infused with two Aussie native superfoods: Lemon Myrtle and Gubinge.

The caramel flavour of the honey with hints of citrus (from lemon myrtle) and a refreshing tartness (from the Kakadu Plum) is just mouth-watering, making it the perfect addition to any tea (and the perfect treat when that pesky sweet tooth calls for attention).

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Easter is all about spending time with loved ones, eating amazing food and… bingeing on chocolate (come on, you know that’s true!).

And since we all have chocaholics in our lives, here’s a gift that they can sprinkle on their decadent desserts or add to their favourite recipes: wattleseed.

This bush food has an incredible flavour - a combination of coffee, hazelnuts and chocolate. It’s truly one of a kind and it’s also very healthy, with a low G.I. and 33% more protein content than wheat. Can’t go wrong with it.

Bush Foods - Roogenic Wattleseed (roasted & milled) - Pouch

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Roogenic’s double-walled glass infuser

Tea lovers who are always on the go might find it a bit hard to enjoy their cuppa whenever they feel like it, but that doesn’t mean they should drink less tea.

With this gorgeous double-walled glass infuser, you can enjoy a sip of soothing brew anytime you crave it and keep that tea addiction going!

Add this to your DIY Easter basket if you want the lucky receiver to feel spoiled rotten.

Accessories - Roogenic Double Walled Glass Infuser Bottle -

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Aboriginal Emu Mug + Ceramic coasters

This design was created by a talented Aboriginal artist and is sure to impress anyone who loves Indigenous art. The emu is a sacred bird for Aboriginal people and is the subject of many Dreamtime stories.

Combine the tea mug with our high-quality ceramic coasters to add a wow-factor to your DIY Easter basket.

Aboriginal Emus Mug

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Aboriginal Emus Sunset Ceramic Coaster

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Native Happiness Tea

Our Native Happiness Tea is a delicious mango-flavoured elixir that makes your taste buds tingle with excitement and joy. It’s one of our best-selling teas thanks to its unique aroma - our customers love drinking it to stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you really want to go all out with your Easter DIY basket and delight your tea-loving friends, be sure to add this one as well.

Buy Native Happiness

Mix and match any of these brilliant Roogenic goodies to create an Easter basket that really shows how much you care!

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