Skin Health & Hydration Connection

Skin Health & Hydration Connection

Winter is the season of fluffy socks, cozy pj’s, warm scarves, and most notably...unhappy skin.

You may notice changes in your skin health this time of year, this occurs due to increased dryness in the air, loss of essential nutrients, and a decrease in bodily hydration.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, comprising over 36 billion cells, each of which is made up of over 65% water. 

When you’re dehydrated on the inside, it starts to show on the outside. Skin becomes compromised and more prone to issues such as premature ageing, rough texture, blotchy complexion, enlarged pores, and acne. 

However, caring for your body from the inside out and staying happily hydrated has a direct impact on the appearance of your skin, and its overall health. 

Here are four ways that hydration is connected to skin health:

  1. Aging
    Making sure your body stays hydrated can result in more youthful-looking skin with fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and visible pores. Hydration is also fundamental in your skin’s water barrier, which protects your cells from damage, removes toxins, boosts cellular metabolic function, and transports all of the essential nutrients.

    If your skin is chronically dehydrated, it can also become dry, flaky, and cracked, resulting in increased fine lines and skin texture. Hydrated skin cells however are plump, meaning fewer wrinkles and more youthful-looking skin.

    Antioxidants are a great way to support the appearance of your skin and help to fight against premature aging. Davidson Plum offer a rich source of these compounds and can be found in our new naturopath-formulated, skin-enhancing blend, Collagen Tea.

  2. Healing
    Cell hydration is fundamental to your skin’s healing process, as cells promote communication, nutrient transportation, and balance, supporting cell repair and renewal.

    Hydrated cells and skin can also reduce swelling and inflammation by encouraging your body to flush and replenish water. When you’re dehydrated your body tends to retain fluid, resulting in puffy, swollen skin.

    Staying hydrated throughout the day can also reduce the likelihood of microtears in the skin by supporting the function of its lipid barrier. These tiny tears allow toxins, allergens, and pollutants to penetrate your skin, leaving it dry, inflamed, and itchy.

    Our Collagen Tea contains collagen peptides and other ingredients that can promote youthful skin by positively influencing tissue synthesis in your skin. Shop our Collagen Tea here.

  3.  Elasticity
    Hydration improves and stabilises the levels of moisture in your skin, meaning that your natural oils will function properly and moisturise the skin instead of leaving it oily and dry.

    When you are hydrated, your skin’s elasticity is performing at its best. To test your elasticity, gently pinch your skin and note if it bounces back or not. If it doesn’t, this may mean that you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water to plumpen your skin cells back up.

    Try improving your skin’s elasticity with potent, supportive plants like Davidson Plum, rosehip, and horsetail. These ingredients have been found to help improve skin elasticity and support collagen production in the body. Find them in our Collagen Tea here.

  4. Complexion
    Staying hydrated can improve your complexion by preventing dull and tired-looking skin as it promotes cellular turnover and increased blood flow. Dehydration reduces your skin’s ability to complete cellular turnover and shed old skin cells. When this happens, they can gather on your skin’s surface and result in clogged, congested pores.

    Likewise, recent studies have found that drinking just two glasses of water, promotes blood flow to the skin and leaves you with a more radiant, glowing complexion.

    To optimise your hydration, try a herbal tea blend like our naturopath-formulated, skin-nourishing Collagen Tea. This allows your body to receive essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in addition to the healing properties of water.


How to improve your skin health through hydration:
Although water is essential for your overall skin health, we understand that for some, drinking plain water can become boring over time. The good news is that studies have revealed that fluids from other food such as herbal tea can hydrate the body just as effectively as regular water.

Our new Collagen Tea blend is a naturopath-formulated blend, designed with medicinal native plants and other nourishing ingredients that can enhance skin health, improve skin elasticity, and leave you with a youthful-looking glow.

Davidson Plum is a rich source of antioxidants, known to increase your production of collagen and elastin, when combined with vitamin-C-rich rosehip, this creates an antiaging effect on the skin and can reduce crow’s feet, improve skin moisture, and enhance elasticity.

These two ingredients allow your body to absorb the collagen peptides in this blend, leaving you with more youthful-looking skin and a glowing complexion.

Find more information on staying healthy and supporting your wellness during winter with our naturopath-crafted Winter Wellness Guide. It contains insights into how your body changes during winter, tips to support yourself holistically, delicious and nourishing recipes, and in-depth information into how Australian bushfoods can revitalise your body during the winter months.

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