Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

Our investment offer will officially go live tomorrow (Tuesday the 5th of April) at 11 am. This means that you’ll be able to take the first steps toward becoming an official part-owner of Roogenic. 

We understand that the process of investing in Equity Crowdfunding can be quite confusing or intimidating, so we wanted to help and answer the top questions we’ve received about the investment process: 

Can I only invest as an individual or can I invest via a SMSF?

To buy shares in Roogenic through Birchal, you can choose to invest as an individual, as a Company, through a SMSF or a Trust. Learn more about what you’ll need and how to complete this process below:   

What if I’m an international investor?

Please note that offers on Birchal are made under the Australian securities regime. People wishing to invest from outside Australia must satisfy themselves that it is lawful for them to invest from the jurisdiction they are in. To learn more about investing from overseas, please learn more at: 

What are my payment options?

For all investors based in Australia, please see your payment options below. Any international investors must transfer funds to Birchal after their investment application in AUD. Make sure you have applied for the shares and can see your application in your Birchal portfolio before attempting to send funds. See payment options below:

What happens after I invest?

Here’s a guide to what happens after you invest here. 

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our customer care phone number: 1300 133 480

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