Smashed Avocado in True Australian Style

Smashed Avocado in True Australian Style

Did you know smashed avocado is a great Australian invention?

Top it with some Australian herbs like river mint, lemon myrtle, sea parsley or even salt bush and you are looking at something potentially more Australian than vegemite!

So here are our top 5 ways to enjoy your smashed avocado in true Australian style!

  1. Salt Bush and River Mint add a gorgeous freshness to your smashed avocado that will quickly elevate your dish and give it a unique salty outback flavour.
  1. Topple your smashed avocado on top a slice of Wattleseed and macadamia loaf. The Wattleseeds will give a gorgeous nutty flavour while the macadamias will add a gorgeous crunch. Yum!
  1. Do you love a squeeze of lemon over the top of your smashed avo? If you do, we have some exciting news for you! Have you ever tried finger limes!?!? They are a Native Australian Bush Food that resembles what you would think lime caviar would look like. Your avocado will never be the same!!!
  1. This one is going to sound a little odd but try adding the Roogenic Native Detox Tea (grounded) to your smashed avocado. The tea blend is a concoction of herbs that are Earthy, fresh and fragrant and bound to bring your avocado fantasies to life.
  1. Lemon Myrtle is the Queen of Australian herbs and has a very distinctive creamy lemony flavour that when you add to the natural creaminess of the avocado you will essentially be in nature’s version of heaven. It really is a must try!!!

These tips are so easy to achieve we know you’ll smash ‘em! #EatAvo #TheAustralianWay

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