On Native Wellness: Sarah Chelle

On Native Wellness: Sarah Chelle

In this special Q&A, we chat about decluttering the mind and healing our bodies the natural way, using the remedies that have been gifted to us by Nature. Sarah Chelle, qualified Naturopath (BHSc), shares her daily ritual to switch off and de-stress - it's very simple, yet effective, so you can try it for yourself whenever you feel like you need more balance in your life.

Roogenic: We were so excited to work with you in creating our new range of Women’s Wellness elixirs, ensuring that the combination of ingredients in each blend were truly beneficial to women’s wellbeing! Do you have a go-to tea from the new range?

Sarah: Women's Vitality tea! I love the fruity floral flavour and it has some of my favourite herbs.

Roogenic: Can you tell us about your practice as a naturopath? Do you have any specialties?

Sarah: I operate digitally and specialise in helping women who are tired stressed and scattered feel energised calm and clear. 

Roogenic: Why do you think it’s important to approach healing our bodies in a natural way?

Sarah: I’m a big believer in not finding bandaid solutions and treating the root cause, which I feel natural remedies can achieve.

Roogenic: When it comes to our overall well being, how important is it to be mindful of what we’re consuming?

Sarah: Extremely, what you eat shapes your health!

Roogenic: How do you maintain balance day-to-day? And do you have any favourite rituals that help you switch off and de-stress?

Sarah: I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep, eat 3 meals a day and have minutes self care and me time. Walking in nature is my go-to ritual!

Learn more about Sarah Chelle here.

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