Collection: Pregnancy & Nursing

What Tea Is Best For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? 

To help support mothers and mothers-to-be during a new and exciting time in their lives, we developed our collection of pregnancy and breastfeeding teas. 

Our Pregnancy Tea is a comforting, naturopath accredited, caffeine-free pregnancy tonic to keep yourself and your baby nourished & happily hydrated with wholesome ingredients including Quandongs, Nettle Leaf and Aniseed Myrtle. It’s the perfect decaf pregnancy tea with ingredients that contain iron and vitamin B12, to support you during your trimesters. Aniseed Myrtle was traditionally used to settle an upset stomach and clear acid reflux, making it the best morning sickness tea!

Roogenic Nursing Tea is a nourishing blend for new mothers designed to promote a healthy increase in milk production. Our Nursing Tea is the best lactation tea and breastfeeding tea in Australia, it is naturopathically designed to promote a healthy increase in the mother’s milk. Nettle leaf has been shown to boost iron during pregnancy and enhance vitamin B12 levels, helping new mothers overcome postnatal fatigue, while fenugreek and fennel seeds have been proven to increase milk production.

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