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Stress & Mood Bundle

Stress & Mood Bundle

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An all-in-one bundle curated to naturally restore balance in your stress, energy and mood. Each blend is naturopath designed with ingredients such as Quandong, Lemon Myrtle Bacopa, Siberian Ginseng and Shatavari Root to gently rejuvenate your from within. The Stress & Mood bundle includes our naturopath-designed Focus tea to support cognition & concentration, Jilungin-powered Native Clarity tea to support energy & mood throughout the day and adaptogen-powered Vitality tea to support stress levels.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do your energy teas contain caffeine?

Our Native Clarity Tea is naturally caffeine free! Revive and Awaken Chai both contain caffeine. We list the ingredients for each blend on our product page if you require further details.

What time of the day should they be consumed?

We have many customers who love to start their day with a cup of Awaken Chai or Revive Tea, as they both contain caffeine and can provide the energy boost so many look for in the morning!

Our Native Clarity is the perfect tea to enjoy throughout the day, it helps keep your mind clear and focused!

What is the natural mango flavour in Native Clarity?

We are happy to assure you that we fully stand behind our promise to provide them with all natural ingredients. The Natural Mango Flavour that we use is an extraction of the Mango flavour molecules that comes from real Mango's and is all natural.

Can children consume Native Clarity tea?

They sure can! Native Clarity  is caffeine free and one of our most popular blends for kids!

Native Clarity contains Jilungin, won't it make me sleepy?

Native Clarity has been designed to support energy, stress, and focus throughout the day. It contains Jilungin to help ease an overactive mind as well as organic Ginseng which helps it act as a natural mood enhancer.