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What Tea Is Best For Energy?

Our range of Energy Teas will help you to wake up quickly, fight the midday slump and keep you upbeat all day long. 

Our Sleep Teas, Native Relaxation Tea and Native Sleep Tea (formerly known as Native Dreamtime Tea) provide a night-time solution to restless interrupted sleep. The award-winning blends are designed with 5 blends that can calm an anxious mind and offer a deep restorative sleep so you can recover depleted energy levels.

For the day, we have two caffeinated teas that are perfect for increasing energy. Awaken Chai Tea is a morning tonic made with ingredients that naturally boost energy levels and Native Plants that have been traditionally used to improve overall wellbeing. Revive Tea is a stimulating tonic made with ingredients that can help with fatigue and naturally elevate energy levels. 

A family-friendly tonic to increase energy levels is our Native Clarity Tea designed with rare medicinal plants and mango that can boost energy levels. If you prefer a delicious lemon-flavoured energy-boosting tea, with subtle sweet-sour notes of hibiscus, try our Native Detox Tea (formerly known as Super Detox Tea). If you find your energy levels deplete during menstruation, our Women’s Balance Tea is the perfect remedy to increase energy during your period, ease stress and balance your mood with plants that contain iron.
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